Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Saturday, right?

Another Saturday shopping trip. Grocery store, Target, lunch. We do it every week, and it's crazy when I started paying attention just how many times we face go-green-or-don't decisions. 
My grocery bag collection.
    A few years ago when grocery stores started selling reusable shopping bags on a widespread basis, we bought 6 or 7. They sat at home most of the time because we never thought to grab them. Within about the last year, though, I have gotten in the routine of actually using them, mainly because they hold more and are infinitely easier to carry and load in the car than plastic bags, with the added bonus that they don't pile up in our pantry like plastic bags do. The bags are so widely available now that they get barely a mention by some of the eco-friendly families I mingle with online. I, too, see them for sale, but don't often see people actually using them. So, for those who have overlooked the obvious, I'd recommend giving them a shot. Like so many other decisions I've made, I stick with this "green" choice not because of the benefits to the planet and all that nice stuff, but because they work within my routine and make life a little easier. When it comes down to it, that's what drives my choices more than anything. I have a full-time job, a kid, a house to take care of, two dogs and a cat. All that comes first. As for the all the other choices we have to make at the grocery store, well, I'd say that's another story, but that'd be oversimplifying things.


Lauren said...

I am torn on the reusable bags. I LOVE them -- they hold a ton and they are so easy/comfortable to carry, even when loaded down. But like you, I always leave them at home. When I do remember to take them, I either don't have enough, or I left them in the bottom of my cart and piled groceries on top, or I'm using self-checkout and I've run out of space for them! Sometimes I hand them to the cashiers and they absentmindedly throw my items in a plastic bag anyway.

I need to get in a "green bag groove" cause I HATE plastic bags, they are like rabbits -- forever multiplying.

So far, though, it's easiest to go green at the farmers market, drugstore, Target, rather than the grocery stores. A shame since that's where the bulk of the bags come from anyway!!

tamcat said...

We use reusable bags on every shopping trip. I agree with you 100% They hold more and are easy to carry. The only thing I use plastic for is the meat that we buy. I still have the ones that Walmart first came out with. We have had them for about 4 years now. So just think of all the plastic bags we saved.

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