Thursday, February 24, 2011

Last one standing

Before my son was born, I had a whole closet full of wipes and dipes ready to go thinking it'd be months before I'd ever have to buy any. Then they disappeared. Then we kept buying them. It was getting a little old, and long story short, we gradually switched to cloth diapers. We bought our last Pampers before Christmas and have only been using one here and there if he had a rash, etc. And now, at the end of February, we have ONE from that pack of 30-something of them left.
I guess the Pampers in the closet felt like a safety net of sorts. I kept thinking when I ran out that I would never buy any again, but I am fairly certain we will have to end up with some at some point. So, the big question is, how long will this single diaper last me? When will I give in and buy another pack?

It'd be pretty cool if I could kiss them goodbye for good.


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