Monday, February 14, 2011

One crisis at a time

It's taken me well over a year to figure it out. This Friday actually marks two years to the day since I got that earth-shattering positive pregnancy test. Wow, how life has changed. But, here I am almost two years later and I have finally figured out one of the important psychological truths of parenting (or at least how I've experienced and seen most others experience it): We obsess about one thing at a time.
It's always something. ALWAYS. There's always one thing occupying your thoughts, and as soon as it's solved, something else is waiting in the wings. For me, it has gone probably something like this since that fateful day I got a blue plus sign: morning sickness, kidney stones, nursery, baby gear, delivery, nursing/sleeping, going back to work, introducing solids, sleeping all night, crawling/walking/speaking, switching to cloth diapers, washing cloth diapers correctly, poor eating, getting Tucker back in his crib. ... There might have been some minor and major ones I am leaving out.'
The key thing is, and it's actually pretty funny if you think about it, is that our minds seem to have the energy to only focus on one crisis before it can move onto the next. Like I said, as soon as you get it figured out, then the next one is right there. I don't think it's that babies or pregnancy only actually create one problem at a time, that's for sure!

Realizing this, if I go about it right, can hopefully help me relax a little bit. The crisis always passes and I always pick something to obsess about. Maybe I can try to break the cycle a little. Nah, probably not.
With a blog about worry, I choose a photo to remind me of wonderful, warm, worry-free times. All winter long I have had plenty of time to be stuck inside sweating the small stuff, but there are brighter days ahead! This was June 2009, when I was 18-19 weeks pregnant with my baby boy.


tamcat said...

You are radiant and beautiful in this photo. No worries at all in that smile!

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