Saturday, February 5, 2011

So much to say

I can't emphasize enough all the choices that are out there once you become a parent. Within that, we face so many different approaches to making those decisions. What's best for my family's happiness? Efficiency? Wallet? And what's best for my neighbors and environment? I want to eventually talk about why I chose cloth diapering (better late than never), how the switch went, and what some of my troubleshooting has involved.

This is just one of our baby carriers.
For now though: Fortunately, many of the tenets of  "natural" parenting just make sense all around. A ground breaking moment for me happened in Wal-Mart of all places. We had run in for a few essentials (though we try to avoid Wal-Mart whenever possible, but that is another story). My son was maybe 8 or 9 months old at the time, and I had him on my hip with the support of our sling. During those months, when he was too big to haul around in the infant carrier or carry by himself, and too small to sit in a cart or walk along with us, the sling was my lifesaver. On any trip, no matter how small, I kept the sling in the floor of my car beneath his car seat. When we were making a stop, I'd open the door, whip on the sling, get him out of the car seat and tuck him between my hip and the sling. Voila! Hands-free shopping.

So, we had that arrangement going, when, a total stranger stopped me in my tracks and told me how nifty this was, and if only she'd had something like that when she was raising her kids. I didn't realize it was such a novel idea. Much later, as I have gotten more involved with cloth diapering, I've learned what a cult following that "babywearing," has among the people who like to call themselves "crunchy." Of all people, Mrs. Wal-Mart shopper is not one of these people.

I guess that's what I think is unfortunate. It seems like so many of the things that just make good sense look a little less appealing when the people who promote them come across as extreme.

I guess I was a babywearer, though I didn't set out to be. I don't really like the label. But, come to think of it, labeling a mom as just one thing or another, when she has so many choices to make each day, is leaving out so much of the story.

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