Monday, March 7, 2011

My answer to diaper liners

When I switched to cloth diapers, the point was to cut down on both waste and cost, so the idea of disposable inserts or liners seemed counter-intuitive. Since making the switch, however, I have dealt with several episodes of one rash or another and it's caused a serious headache when washing our diapers. First, day care unknowing used the same cream we'd used with disposables: Lots of scrubbing and Dawn and other things I won't even mention and there are still stains from the cream on a couple of our diapers. THEN, I went with the disposable liners thinking they'd make cream safe only to find out that cream either goes straight through the liner or the liner bunches up and cream still makes contact. Now I have a couple more diapers that have suffered some damage.

After reading a little about reusable liners the other day and pondering just stocking up on more disposables for those times when we need cream, a lightbulb went off: I went to the closet where I have what seems like a dozen flannel receiving blankets that I have never used. I cut one up into rectangular squares about the same length as our Flip inserts and, voila, reusable liners. I washed them separately from the diaper load and because they are flannel they haven't scooted around much. I think this will be THE thing to allow us to do without our back-up Pampers forever more. And if they get yucky, I won't feel terrible about tossing one from time to time and cutting up another blanket! I am so happy!

It would probably be even better and longer lasting if you stitched two together, and you could probably even use a cuter pattern of flannel, but I am not a seamstress (yet!) so this will definitely do for now!

I cut the same blankets up into smaller squares for cloth wipes along time ago and they are still going strong but do fray some, obviously.


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