Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I could talk forever about a million different facets of cloth diapers, and I am sure I will eventually. I am tired though, but still want to post SOMEthing to keep readership from totally fizzling so ...

Cloth diaperers and diapers-to-be talk a lot about their stashes. I feel like I have plenty enough for full time with a 16-month old in day care. If I play my cards right I can probably do wash every third day, and here is what I have (note that one common element is that all of my diapers are one-size):

12 Flip Stay-Dry inserts - we only use these at home
4 Flip snaps covers - again, don't send to day care
1 Grovia aplix cover - love it with my Flips at home and out and about

5 BumGenius aplix pockets - perfect for day care
3 Kawaii aplix pockets - work just as well as BumGenius and almost half the price
2 Fuzzibunz one-size - love them, they are by far the trimmest and softest but I avoid sending snaps to day care usually

1 Bamboo Baby All-In-One - handy in a pinch as a backup but small than other one-sizes and Velcro not quite holding up as well, though it is super soft if you put it in the dryer, which I hate to do.


2 BumGenius insert socks - handy to turn extra microfiber inserts from other diapers into something that I can use in one of my covers
Rockin Green Laundry detergent (classic) - I have been using it exclusively for all washing diaper-related
1 large hanging Planet Wise wet-dry bag kept in bathroom for dirty diapers
1 medium Planet Wise wet-dry bag for back and forth to day care and any small trips out on weekends
Flannel blankets cut up into small squares for wipes and rectangles for liners
squirt bottle filled with water and drop of creamy baby oil for wetting wipes as I need one

As you can see I took the "I'll try a little bit of everything" approach. It might have been simpler just to stick with one diaper brand from the get-go - if I had, it probably in retrospect would be Fuzzibunz. But trying different things made me more comfortable because I was afraid of getting something that didn't work for us or that I didn't like. So far everything has worked great and each item has its pros and cons.

Tune in next time and I will share with you how I got this pretty-decent stash for way less than sticker price!


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