Wednesday, March 2, 2011


There are oh so many elements to motherhood that you never hear about until you're in it. Diseases like roseola and fifth disease and hand, foot and mouth disease. Pieces of baby gear with names like Ergo, Boba and Bumbo.

And since I switched to cloth diapers, a whole world wide web full of sweepstakes, giving away everything from diapers to diaper bags to laundry detergent. I am sorta obsessed, and though I haven't won anything yet, I go back and forth between swearing I won't enter another one and frantically filling out entries thinking I eventually HAVE to win SOMEthing.

The latest and biggest giveaway is for a full kit of BumGenius "fluff" complete with sprayer and I think even wipes! If I'm gonna win, well this would be the mother of all giveaways. You can enter and then earn extra entries for each friend who enters because of you, so: friends, enter! And I also get 20 extra points for blogging about the giveaway so, wish me luck!

Here's the link:

I intend to talk a lot more about cloth diapers eventually, but for now, let me just say that BumGenius is one of the "big" brands and it and its fellow Flip system are two I am becoming loyal to for their durability, good fit and performance - so it'd be awesome to win something from them!


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